Forever Aint That Long.
Oh my gosh , I love this story .. I thought at first that Lena was gone to do something to fuck up the marriage but come to find out Chris was , smh .. but you did a great job with this story

:)))) thank you! i put a lot of emotion into it! :*

I didn't realise there was a prequel because I only came across this part of the story😂 but I must say I fully enjoyed reading this story from 0 - 100; you are an amazing writer and this story is very unique compared to other cliché stories. Do you wrote anything else? I would love to read it 😌

:)))) thank you! this is an older story of mine. i wrote quite a few! 

these are my most recent.

Ambitions of A Rider.

and i’m currently writing one, A Love to Remember.

you’ll really enjoy Ambitions of A Rider because it’s like no other fanfic. i wrote it more as a book rather than a fanfic. i want to eventually publish it :)


This person copied my work from this blog and even stole sex chapters from Forever Aint That Long and claimed it as hers on

She is a fraud! I don’t appreciate when people do this. I’m about to go in and if you take whatever I say as…

Chris and Lena! <3 Ooh, the memories! :’)
(credit goes to:

Chris and Lena! <3 Ooh, the memories! :’)

(credit goes to:

what theme doyou use for this story

not sure, it’s one of the free ones tumblr provides.

I read the damn sequel before the prequel -_-

awww, it’s okay! you’re not the first to have done that, lol it’s not too bad, at least you can read how chris and lena met and built a friendship now! lol they go through some shit in the first one!

Is there a prequel to this?
Are you going to do anymore stories after lesson learned ? (I think you should cause your stores are amazing) lol but please please please think about it or maybe you could do a story about Christena and/or Maurice ? That would be dope af lol .... Kisses

lol probably not boo! i’m not gonna fuck with the brown family more than i already have! haha. although, i AM writing a new fanfic now!

and once i’m done with that, i’m finishing the sequel to little white lies! and possibly starting something new! :)

One of the best stories I've read! It hit home a few times and that's what made it amazing! I could relate to a lot of things! Both of your stories have made me laugh & sob like a baby but that's what I love about it! Thank you so much for inspiring me, your stories definitely encouraged me! Keep on doing eat you're doing & don't stop! I believe in you! Thank you sooo much again, God bless! ❤

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, omg :’) THANK YOU! <3

I love getting compliments for this story, even after so long! writing this was honestly a great experience, and I’m so glad it touched so many people! it feels good to know that even after such a long time, this story still inspires people, even in general, it’s an amazing feeling!

thanks again honey! :) xoxoxox.

Can you make a part 3 to this. I want another Chrena story. Not from little Chris' pov tho

eeeeeeeeeeh, can’t do that. only because i ended Chrea with this story. I put them through too much! haha. I’ma let them live happily ever after in the fanfic world :)) haha.